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Step 1

Describe your app in plain English

Tired of endless coding or dragging & dropping just to build the prototype? Simply write our AI Studio what you want to build. We'll translate your words into a solid project blueprint, saving you hours of initial setup.

Contember Studio step 1
Contember Studio step 1
Step 2

Customize user roles & flows

Every web application has different users with varied permissions. Whether it's an admin overseeing everything or an editor curating content. Let our AI suggest roles or dive in and craft your own tailored roles and permissions.

Step 3

See your app take shape

Watch as your web app's schema (data structure) comes to life right before your eyes. Iterate and make changes in plain English using simple prompts. It's clear, it's visual, and it's all under your control.

Contember Studio step 1
Contember Studio step 1
Step 4

Launch with a click

Go live instantly — launch on Contember Cloud in seconds. Not afraid of code and want to tweak and customize? The source code is yours, customize with our simple open-source framework, and leverage the headless architecture.

10x faster development with Contember

We deliver a fast track from idea to scale, with tools to customize and build your web app as needed.

Generate your project using AI.
Save hours by generating the first prototype/MVP using our AI studio.
Customize with Contember Framework.
Tailor all the features and get a perfect fit for your needs.
Seamless scaling.
Contember Cloud adapts to your expanding needs and keeps your app secure.

Launch in minutes, scale to millions

Launch your app in minutes using AI Studio and scale it to millions with Contember Cloud. We manage backend scaling and security, so you can focus on your app.

AI Studio


Improve your margins and close more clients at scale

  • Transform description into web apps in minutes
  • Save on average 100 developer hours per project
  • Access code generated in the Contember open source framework (TypeScript and React)
  • White-label
  • Custom components
  • Lower price per generated project
  • Revenue deal share of cross-selling cloud and other services
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Let's discuss how AI Studio can help you

AI Studio

$499 per project

Generate for free, pay once you download the source code

  • Transform description into web apps in minutes
  • Save on average 100 developer hours per project
  • Access code generated in the Contember open source framework (TypeScript and React)
  • Host anywhere or opt for Contember Cloud (not included)
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Don't just take our word for it

“At 108 Agency, we struggled for a long time with SaaS solutions that didn't truly fit our use case. Now, we're transitioning our applications one by one to Contember. It offers a great mix - we can have custom apps without the common struggles that custom development typically brings. And its open-source nature liberates us from dependency on a single provider.”

Ondřej Konopásek
COO @ 108 Agency

“For a long time, as an innovator who hacks different approaches, I've missed being able to create some powerful applications (not just concepts) that I can actually use immediately and not have to wait for expensive development. This morning I briefly told Jan about the app I needed and within 20 minutes I was clicking through it. Combined with Superface AI, I now have an incredibly powerful tool in my hands that I never dreamed of before.”

Radek Novotný
CEO @ Superface

“Contember is a game-changer. Its innovative approach to handling data operations streamlined our web development process, turning complex backend tasks into manageable ones. A product designed with elegance and efficiency in mind, it's been a vital tool in our arsenal at manGoweb.”

Pavel Fuchs
CEO @ manGoweb

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Don't let tech barriers slow you down. Our experts can craft your solution, while you stay focused on your business.

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Dive into Contember AI Studio with just a spark of tech curiosity. It's budget-friendly, extremely quick, easy to learn, and ready to turn your ideas to prototypes and MVPs.

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