Meet Ember, your
AI web developer

Ember can help you build a web application in minutes, even if you don't have any technical knowledge.

You get a complete Contember project that any front-end dev can take over.

We will release Ember, an AI web developer, in Q1/2023.
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Prototype in a day, launch in a week,
maintain for years.

Contember is an open source platform for frontend developers to build and run bespoke backends with ease.

Prototype in a day

Describe your backend in a declarative low-code and instantly see how it works in real-life

Make magic with just dozens lines of code

No need to understand how to secure or scale your backend. Everything is ready to work just the way you describe it. Focus on what you want to build.

Define exactly the UI you want

Quickly and declaratively define your own web app interface - with 60+ ready to use components and without writing single API query.

Deploy and use, no worries.

Deploy your backend (and UI) with a single command and don't worry about security or scaling. We'll take good care of your app - automatically updating your backend to the latest version.
Launch in a week

Polish every detail and invite your users. Congratulations, you just launched your app

Secure with access control

Define infinite number of user roles and control who can see (or change) your data and when. Anything you need to limit, we've got you covered with simple declarations you'll understand even years later.

Easily use your data anywhere

Use GraphQL API to access (or even manage) your data at any touch point. Never be limited again by what other services you can integrate with.

Production-ready from day one

Don't worry about incoming traffic, we're already handling milions of requests every day and autoscale everything for you.
Maintain for years

Iterate daily or simply use your backend as long as you need. Sleep tight, it's built to last


We want you to build backends faster and easier, not lock you in a golden cage. We make money by hosting your projects or helping you to build your next web project even faster.

Best development practices

You're still writing code with the Contember, just tiny amount of it. Therefore you can version you code in a Git, use any CI/CD you prefer, have multiple staging environment and so on. We've been there and know what it takes to maintain project for years.

Easily onboard new colleagues

Automatically generate documentation for your project and understand even as non-developer all the access control rules and how are your data connected.

Start today

See what you can build with Contember and dive right into it.

For developers

Learn to build with Contember

If you know the basics of React and TypeScript, you will easily build your own backend in a day.

For business


Get any web app you need - 5× faster and 10× easier than with traditional development.