Fast and straightforward way to build apps that just work

Contember is a headless, GraphQL-first platform for building custom web applications. Prototype yours in a day, launch it in a week and run it for years.


Set-up a model

Define admin UI


Write your first article

Connect with GraphQL

Contember can be all of these

Headless CMS for Your Website

If you're new to the headless world, separating a website and its content management will feel like a breeze of fresh air. Your projects will be easier to manage with Contember and future changes in requirements will be easy to implement. Check out manGoweb, which has 20+ projects on Contember in production.

Resource Management App

Imagine you start selling fresh juices and need to manage your recipes, plan your production capacity as well as manage fruit stock. Then maybe later, build a website to present your fresh juices and add a mobile app that sells them. Contember helps you to build these in days, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Community Management

Register volunteers, show them where their help is needed, and let them assign themselves and report progress. Meanwhile, in a separate administration, your call center can add new help requests. With Contember you can start adding new requests tomorrow, register volunteers a few days afterward.

Contember has two parts: API and Admin SDK. The former is open source under the Apache2 licence, and you can start using it straight away. The Admin SDK is in closed beta at the moment, but you can get in touch and will get you started in no time.

Configure your schema in TypeScript, get a fast and powerful GraphQL API backed by a well-structured PostgreSQL database. Define admin user flows and get a custom React.js administration. You can invite first users within an hour.

Talk to the developers and try Contember tomorrow.


  • Easy schema definition
    Configure your schema in TypeScript, and when you change it in the future, Contember will automatically create and execute database migrations.
  • Fully customizable administration
    We make no assumptions whatsoever about how and what data you wish to edit. Easily define your administration in TypeScript with no programming required.
  • Auditable event log
    Contember automatically logs every change. Need to know how and when something changed? It's just one query to the Contember history API.
  • Fine grained access control
    Enterprise-ready role-based system to define and manage permissions across your whole project. You can limit just about anything.
  • Multi-language support
    Administration supports multiple languages out of the box.
  • Powerful block editor
    Contember includes a powerful wysiwyg block editor.
  • Content stages
    Have different versions of your page on the live site whilst preparing changes separately.
  • Multi-tenant usage
    You can deploy Contember once and use it across any number of projects. Of course, without impacting flexibility or security.