Contember is an open source platform for building content applications.

Start by defining the schema of your data and Contember will turn it onto a fast and friendly GraphQL API. Everything will be stored in a neatly organized PostgreSQL database with just about the same reasonable structure as if crafted by hand.

Core features

Any data structure done right

Start by defining the schema of your data and Contember will turn it onto a fast and friendly GraphQL API. Everything will be stored in a neatly organized PostgreSQL database with just about the same reasonable structure as if crafted by hand.

Fully Customizable Administration

Contember also ships with a large, extensible set of high-level composable React UI components that make it incredibly simple to build a completely custom administration designed with your application's exact needs in mind.

ACL and Personalized Restricted APIs

Our powerful ACL gives you fine-grained control over permissions even at field level. Furthermore, your rules may also depend on the actual data, including related entities. With these rules, Contember can automatically generate a personalized, restricted GraphQL API for every access key you choose to issue.

Multi-tenant and multi-language

Run any number of projects in one Contember instance, each with its own individual database structure. It also supports multi-lingual applications… by not imposing any limitations whatsoever on what or how you can store.


Have you ever dreamed of having version control available while editing the content of a website? Contember can do this as well! Admittedly though, while the system is designed with this feature in its core, as of now it only supports two ‒ preview and production ‒ and can perform only basic merge operations.

Auditable and Data-loss proof

Every data manipulation done via the API is automatically logged in an event stream and stored permanently. This allows you to examine who and when changed anything, anywhere. It also enables seamless restoration of any previous state or reversion of any modification.

Open Source

We're building Contember to improve the way websites and web applications are created and we'd love to share it with you. We'll therefore take Contember open-source on January 29, 2019 under the Apache v2 license.


Have your requirements changed? Just update your data schema and tell Contember, and your APIs as well as their underlying databases will update as well.


Contember API is written in TypeScript and Node.js. It creates GraphQL API for administration or any other application - like your website. It saves all your data to Postgres DB. Images and files are saved to object storage like Amazon S3. Contember UI is written in Typescript and React.

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Contember can be used in many ways

CMS for Agencies

You get state-of-the-art headless CMS with custom administration, multi-language support, great block content editor and ability to define access level with a fine level of precision. You'll also get many more features out of the box - like stages, full event log, self-hosted and much more.

And if you're an agency, Contember supports multi-tenant usage, so you can have the admin panel deployed once and used across any number of projects.

A content platform for multiple websites

If you're a marketing manager you know the pain of having multiple admin interfaces and many passwords, need of administration change with frontend website, the pain of data migration, inability to change the provider of frontend website and leave the administration as is.

Contember is here to the rescue. You get great administration tailored to your needs and can employ any number of agencies to create frontend websites, mobile applications or anything else.

Contember will provide custom-tailored GraphQL API for each of them and takes care of the security of your data. They'll just have to follow a simple set of rules while doing their work. Also, they can each run their application anywhere they want and read/save data to Contember API safely on your servers. And you have a log of each data change to always know exactly if something goes amiss.

A custom application that manages data

You can build lots of applications in a fraction of time just by configuring Contember.

Imagine an app for managing recipes for restaurants, printing them and distributing through API to a number of websites. It will take only days of configuration with Contember instead of months of custom development.

Or imagine a simple app for managing real estate offers and status of deals. Instead of months of development, you'll just configure Contember and you are mostly done. Yes, we imagine that in this case, you'll need to write 2 or 3 custom admin components in TypeScript. And if you would need more, thanks to design of DB structure, you can just write a micro-service to do specific tasks right in Postgres DB. And though it looks a bit tedious, it actually gives you unlimited power to do anything you desire. And Contember architecture is just fine with it.

Why Contember

We've been building websites for over 10 years. It is becoming clear that the current system is broken.

As websites are being redesigned, data are saved in weird HTML chunks without any meaning, data migrations are getting just impossible without data loss, you’re redoing administration every time you're changing an agency. It’s wasteful and must stop.

Headless CMS concept is here to the rescue. But it solves only part of the problem we see. There are many apps that are written from scratch even though they could and should be configured.

After almost a year of development, we believe Contember will help you to develop certain apps in a fraction of time, separate frontend websites from content administration and make the web platform a bit more mature.

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