Need custom backend?
Just describe it. Done.

Describe your ideal backend. AI and Contember will build and launch it for you in minutes. No coding required.

Start your project with AIBook a demo

You will get a Postgres database, authentication, GraphQL API, and user interface. All custom-built for your project in minutes. Built on an open source, easy-to-use, declarative framework. Use TypeScript and React code to evolve your project as you go.

AI Studio

Show a working product, don't just talk specs.

Ever found yourself tangled in spec discussions that seem to go on forever?

Simply share the basic idea of your app with our AI-assisted Contember Studio. In minutes, you have a working version, automatically deployed on our Cloud hosting. Need the code? It's yours to download anytime.

This way, you address misunderstandings, make adjustments, and satisfy your team or customers faster than ever. We're here to help you turn app concepts into reality, without the hassle.

Open-source framework

Full code access, unlimited possibilities.

Take control with our open-source Contember framework. It tackles the complex stuff, freeing you up to craft your application just the way you want it. Faster than ever.

TypeScript and ReactJS.
The Contember framework provides a robust platform for modern web app development.
Developers first.
With everything managed as code and adherence to best practices, Contember simplifies application development and deployment.
Instant GraphQL API.
Define your data models in TypeScript and Contember instantly provides a role-specific GraphQL API for your data built on top of PostgreSQL.
User management and access control.
The built-in authentication and robust role-based access control simplify the development of secure applications.
Declarative Actions.
Enhance your applications' with Contember's declarative actions for data changes, enabling seamless workflow automation and integrations.
Bespoke User Interface.
Design user interfaces efficiently with high-level React components. Write less code thanks to the powerful data binding between your UI and underlying data models.

Don't just take our word for it

AI-assisted Contember Studio - From concept to web app in minutes, fine-tune in TypeScript | Product Hunt

“At 108 Agency, we struggled for a long time with SaaS solutions that didn't truly fit our use case. Now, we're transitioning our applications one by one to Contember. It offers a great mix - we can have custom apps without the common struggles that custom development typically brings. And its open-source nature liberates us from dependency on a single provider.”

Ondřej Konopásek
COO @ 108 Agency
Uses Contember framework

“Contember is a game-changer. Its innovative approach to handling data operations streamlined our web development process, turning complex backend tasks into manageable ones. A product designed with elegance and efficiency in mind, it's been a vital tool in our arsenal at manGoweb.”

Pavel Fuchs
CEO @ manGoweb
Uses Contember framework

“A low code platform with GraphQL built on top of PostgreSQL and open source? This was the obvious choice for a quick start!”

Patrik Votoček
CTO @ OutOfDark
Uses Contember framework

“For non-technical founders like myself, Contember Studio is the perfect solution for rapid prototyping and idea validation. Within minutes, I have a working version, and once it’s validated by the market, I can build upon it and scale with confidence.”

Jakub Kříž
Small boy businessman
Uses Contember AI Studio

“I've been using Contember for years to develop projects large and small. And while I love experimenting with new technologies, I always come back to it for projects I know I'll be working with for a long time.”

Vilík Kopecký
Fullstack developer
Uses Contember framework

“For a long time, as an innovator who hacks different approaches, I've missed being able to create some powerful applications (not just concepts) that I can actually use immediately and not have to wait for expensive development. This morning I briefly told Jan about the app I needed and within 20 minutes I was clicking through it. Combined with Superface AI, I now have an incredibly powerful tool in my hands that I never dreamed of before.”

Radek Novotný
CEO @ Superface
Uses Contember AI Studio

“I've overseen hundreds of projects, and developing a maintainable software is a task that many are trying to solve, so far with no convincing results. The path Contember is taking seems promising to me. I am following it with interest as they keep progressing.”

Robert Kánia
Partner @ Nehoupat
Uses Contember framework
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fully managed platform

You focus on building, we ensure smooth operation

Concentrate on building your applications, while we take care of all operational aspects to ensure a smooth, secure running of Contember.

Managed services.
Contember Cloud handles all the backend complexities including security updates. So you can concentrate fully on building your applications without worrying about infrastructure details.
Expert support.
The Contember team is always available to provide support and guidance when needed, ensuring you aren't left to solve problems on your own.
Push, run, and scale.
With Contember Cloud, app deployment is simplified to a simple push. Your app then runs and scales as required, saving you time and effort.

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