Get backend superpowers

Build your web app backend in hours without any backend knowledge and scale it for years.

Get fully featured GraphQL API, authentication, powerful access control and fully customizable management UI in React. Contember open-source declarative platform is as flexible and powerful as a custom backend.

We've got everything you need to welcome your first users tomorrow:

Instant GraphQL API on top of well structured PostgreSQL database

Authentication, 2FA, role-based access control

Managed hosting

60+ components to build management UI that fits your workflow

Databinding automatically handles data fetching, updating or saving

Extend easily with custom React.js components

Powerful WYSIWYG content editor with custom blocks

Powers hundreds of projects for local and global businesses


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Build your next web app today and deploy to production with a single command. Never worry about security, performance or technical debt.

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Web app development just got fast and easy

Streamline your web development. With Contember your front-end team can do all the work by themselves using technologies they already know - TypeScript and React.js.