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Experience the future of software development with our AI developer, Ember. Get a tailored, first version of your backend, internal application, or any data-driven software in 30 minutes. Built on our open-source Contember framework, this tailored version can be easily refined exactly to your specific needs.

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In a minute the AI web developer builds your app and makes it available for you to use.

You can build any data-driven application. The result is your web application and also code written in the Contember framework. Any front-end developer can easily understand it and help you iterate on your application forever.

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Everything can be changed with a few lines of code.

Whatever you don't like about the app, the developers can easily fix it. Either hire us or use your own developers.

  • Easily use your data anywhere

    Every Contember project has a GraphQL API to access and manage data. So it's easy to integrate with everything.

    Editor with GraphQL query
  • Production-ready from day one

    Don't worry about incoming traffic, we handle millions of requests every day and scale everything automatically.

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  • Secure with access control

    Define an unlimited number of user roles and easily control who can see (or change) your data and when.

    Editor with access control decorators
  • The perfect UI to match your needs

    Build any app interface you want without writing a single API query. Use more than 60 out-of-the-box components or build anything you want with React.js.

    Editor with Interface React code
  • Best development practices

    We built Contember to make the developers' job easier. Write TypeScript, use Git, CI/CD and staging environments. Easy to maintain for years.

    Editor with Github Action code
  • Your data, your rules

    We want you to build backends faster and easier, not lock you in a golden cage. That's why the core of Contember framework is open-source.

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Fully managed backend as a service

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  • 100+
    Requests per second
  • 99.99%

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