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Superpower for building data-driven web apps.

Discover Contember, the open-source framework that transforms your TypeScript data models into robust GraphQL APIs and makes building custom interfaces a breeze. It gives you the freedom to innovate without boundaries.

npm exec "@contember/create@latest" your-next-project

What's in Contember framework

Equipped with everything you need to build, manage, and continuously enhance custom web apps.



Automatically get high-performant, role-specific GraphQL APIs, accelerating feature development and allowing easy data utilization with any framework or language.

Authorization and authentication


Skip the hassle of integrating third-party auth solutions with our built-in user and permissions management feature, the Tenant API.

Data Binding in Contember Interface


Contember handles data binding between your React components and GraphQL, removing manual data fetching or updating work.

Declarative role-based access control


Easily define complex, cell-level access rules for your data, creating a secure and robust app environment.

Well structured PostgreSQL database

Contember utilizes PostgreSQL, a powerful, open-source object-relational database system, meaning you don't have to worry about setting up and managing your own database.

React.js and TypeScript


Beyond out-of-the-box React components, Contember Interface lets you use React's full power to customise your applications.

Actions for data changes


Automate workflows, integrate with external systems, and enhance performance with Actions.

Schema migrations


Update your schema, generate migration, and deploy across multiple environments with ease, allowing you to focus more on coding.

Everything is code

Manage and deploy your entire application with version control systems like Git, simplifying multi-environment setups.

Input validations


Add extra constraints to a field with input validations, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Event log and history


Track every operation changing the content in the event log, simplifying debugging and auditing processes.

Multi-language & multi-tenant


Support for multi-language and multi-tenant applications, enabling global reach and efficient management within a single instance.

Data grid


Effortlessly manage entity data with Contember's data grid, enabling automatic filtering and pagination for hundreds of thousands of rows.

WYSIWYG editor


With custom blocks. Utilize our beautiful WYSIWYG editor to create and edit content. Define custom blocks to accommodate any content and data you want.

Generate documentation

Contember auto-generates documentation for your model and ACL, helping you and your team get up-to-speed quickly.

2FA & OAuth support

Enhance your app's security with built-in two-factor authentication and OAuth support, saving you integration time.

SQL views

Define SQL views directly in your schema for virtual tables, simplifying data access and manipulation.

And so much more.
npm exec "@contember/create@latest" your-next-project
fully managed platform

You focus on building, we ensure smooth operation

Concentrate on building your applications, while we take care of all operational aspects to ensure a smooth, secure running of Contember.

Managed services.
Contember Cloud handles all the backend complexities including security updates. So you can concentrate fully on building your applications without worrying about infrastructure details.
Expert support.
The Contember team is always available to provide support and guidance when needed, ensuring you aren't left to solve problems on your own.
Push, run, and scale.
With Contember Cloud, app deployment is simplified to a simple push. Your app then runs and scales as required, saving you time and effort.

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