Why Contember

Current custom backend development is complicated.

To build an app, you need many experts in different fields, who need to understand dozens of technologies. This leads to large teams, technically complex products, complicated project managements and slow development with countless iterations.

That leads to

“The cost of poor software quality is estimated at $2.08 trillion in the United States alone.”

A 2020 Report by Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), in partnership with Synopsys

Main reasons

$520 billion

Legacy system problems

$1.56 trillion

Software failure caused by the failure to patch known vulnerabilities

$260 billion

Unsuccessful development projects

We are here to change that.

Contember simplifies web development

It gives front-end developers the power to build their own backend in hours and scale it for years. Without sacrificing anything - the Contember platform is as flexible and powerful as a custom back-end. Just without all the work.

3× faster development

Simply deliver features that matter with just a few lines of code. Thanks to Contember declarative approach your application is easy to understand, expand or change.

Stress-free maitenance

With our Cloud hosting known vulnerabilities are patched and your project updated, the infrastructure scales to any required workload, and your data is safe and backed up.

Smaller team

Contember is a full-stack platform that allows you to build your application with just a few people. No need to hire a backend developer or a DevOps engineer.

Web app development just got fast and easy

Streamline your web development. With Contember your front-end team can do all the work by themselves using technologies they already know - TypeScript and React.js.