Transform the way you develop web apps

Let your front-end team take care of the entire application. Contember takes care of security, performance optimization, scaling and updates for you.

Give your front-end developers the power to build content and data-driven applications in hours and scale them for years. Without sacrificing anything - the Contember platform is as flexible and powerful as a custom back-end without all the work.

We'll help you switch to Contember as smoothly as possible.

We offer

  1. Tailor-made training for your team
  2. Help with application development
  3. Support over chat and phone
  4. Code reviews & guarantee of transferability

Customer stories


“For our clients it is crucial to get any issue solved as fast as possible. We have not found any finished product that meets our requirements. The custom reservation system by Contember was a surprisingly fast and easy solution.”


“We make coldpress vegetable and fruit freshes. And deliver them via mobile app around Prague. Then we built a cafe, a freshroom and a fermentation plant at Jungmaňák and things have been happening ever since.”