Give yourself superpowers

We've prepared starter kits that you can change in any way you like. But if you're creating something unique, it's really easy to start from scratch.

How Contember works

Describe the data model and the GraphQL API is immediately available. Then use the Interface React SDK to create an application interface to suit your needs.

Our quickstart will walk you through it in 5 minutes. Or just follow instructions after running:

$ npm exec "@contember/[email protected]" projectname

Design your data model

Rapidly build your backend with all the field types you need.

Add relations, validations and access control to create an unique API for your usecase.

  • Use Typescript to design your model
  • Automatic DB migrations
  • Your codebase is the single source of truth

Connect with GraphQL API

Contember instantly provides a GraphQL API for your data model. Plus powerful tenant API to manage users.

  • Scoped GraphQL API for each role
  • Built-in authentication and authorization
  • Transaction safety on mutation level

Build custom management UI

Management UI is completely independent on your data model. Define your own management UI with high-level React.js components and it automatically connects via GraphQL API.

  • 60+ components to build your UI
  • Extend easily with custom React components
  • Powerful WYSIWYG content editor with custom blocks

Start using your app

Deploy with one command to Contember Cloud and start using your app in 2 minutes. Or self-host it anywhere you want - Contember is open-source.

  • Managed hosting available
  • Automatic security updates at Contember Cloud
  • Designed to scale to any workload

Starter kits

We've prepared starter kits for the most common use cases to get you up to speed quickly.


Headless CMS

When you need to create a nice and simple website. This headless starter CMS includes pages, articles, form settings, access control and SEO support. It comes with a frontend Next.js website (no styling).


Headless Multilingual CMS

If you need a headless CMS with great support for multiple languages, you've found it. It contains the same as the headless CMS starter, but with support for multiple languages. You can even translate the entire application interface.


Custom form builder

If you need to collect data from users but have specific requirements. Use this starter program and turn it into any data collection system. It includes 8 input blocks, responses and ACL settings.


Start from scratch

Build what you want. Explore the basics with our quick tutorial. Then the sky is the limit.