Showcasing what you can create

Contember is as flexible and powerful as a custom backend.
See what all you can build.

Simple cashflow tracker

A very simple tracker for projects you arrange or work on (and then invoice). You can look at the data by month and give individual managers access to only their projects via access control. It took 10 hours to build.

Summary page

Shows overview for each month and features Datagrid.


Create page

Create new entry. Including conditional fields, datetime picker and selects.

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Planning and booking

Offer your clients a service for their fleet as quickly as possible. Information on when you have people available and all problems and information in one place. It took 20 hours to build, see the whole case study.


So many ways to manage content

Every more complex content site needs to handle content differently. Contember started by wanting the best possible content management administration for each project. So it will take you a few hours to build yours. No more one-size-fits-all administrations that no one understands.


Datagrid in Contember is infinitely flexible. You can add anything to each column (including multiple items in a single column), automatically filter individual items and any actions users need.


Edit content the way it makes sense to you

Do you need to crawl predefined content blocks on your website? Just write text? Setting up forms, inserting pieces of content from other sites, etc.? You can do just about anything in Contember.

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