IntroducingWhy Contember

Backend development is messy. We know it better than most - in the last 16 years we've developed our share of websites and applications.

Nobody can define all the features at the beginning, backend is too complex. Then thousands of tiny decisions made by individual programmers, each one can be a cause of a bug. And last, but not least, the maintenance. Backend that can't be changed is often worse than no backend at all.

Your project needs to keep evolving. Project managers, developers and other stakeholders come and go. Regardless, you need to push forward.

It often feels like a rat race. Every few years you develop the same project from scratch. Trying to migrate data between incompatible structures. Spending countless hours developing the (almost) same thing again.

It's time to do things differently.

Relation databases work well for 30+ years. Let's save our data there in a well-structured form. Even if everything else changes, we can easily use them.

Writing as few lines of codes as possible ensures it's easy enough for new developers to understand the project. It also keeps the amount of bugs to minimum.

And writing code (instead of clicking in settings) ensures there's no magic. Easy to debug, version and extend.

That's what Contember does. We wish we had it years ago.