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Kickstart your projectin two days

We will build the foundation of your backend and administration. Judge for yourself if Contember is the right tool for you quickly and without a lot of cost.

Contember saves time and costs by reducing the complexity of backend development. We offer help to get your project up and running as quickly as possible. We'll get Contember set up and get as much work done as possible in 2 days. You'll have a finished foundation and you can fine-tune the details with our support.

You only pay after the work is completed and only if you decide to develop the project further. For the first 10 buyers the price of this service is 1200 EUR.

case study

Headless backend for coldpress fresh delivery

In this case study, we look at how we helped Goodlok create a API-first foundation for its digital activities in just two days of work. If you're interested in what's possible with Contember, this is definitely one project that makes the most of the Contember Engine.

You'll get

16 years of experience

We'll work with you (or your team) to figure out what needs to be done. Then we'll translate that into a database schema and admin views.


We document all important decisions during the project so that you can easily continue with the project. The documentation will be part of the Git repository we provide you.

Security and GraphQL API

Contember handles data access using declarative security. We allow each user role to access only the data they absolutely need. In the GraphQL API, each role then sees only what it has access to.

Administration interface

We'll create the most important administrative views for you and your team so you can immediately take care of your data/content efficiently.

Deployed to managed hosting

At the end of our two days, we'll walk you through what we've done and explain everything. We'll also deploy your application to the Contember Cloud.


After these two days, we will provide you with as much support as possible for the next 14 days to ensure that your team can continue as efficiently as possible.

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