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For agencies

Headless CMS that helps you deliver

Contember helps you with the traditional challenges of backend development:

  1. Platform flexible enough for every project
  2. Backend team not required
  3. Worry-free maintenance

Our advantages

Backend team not required

Front-end devs have full control over the backend so your dev team stays small.

Everything is code

There's no clicking and no magic. Keep versions in Git and deploy over CI.

Low server costs

Run multiple projects at one server instance. Your costs per project stay low.

Platform as a service

Deploy over API to Contember Cloud (coming soon). Leave sysops problems to us.

Flexible enough for every project

Contember doesn't have an opinion about your database structure, administration flows, or anything else. You define your database structure and every field in administration. With minimal code, you get a custom backend with instant GraphQL for all possible operations and you can build anything.

Backend team not required

Front-end developers already know and love Typescript, React, and GraphQL so it's easy for them to use Contember. Contember doesn't require anyone to understand SQL, security, or performance issues. Create exactly what you need and let Contember take care of the rest.

Worry-free maintenance

With Contember you write just the code you need, no boilerplate. As you leave a minimal custom code footprint, every Contember project is super easy to understand by other developers and easy to update. We're happy to do this for you for a small fee. So when you need to make changes, you open your project and can use all the latest features we'll introduce in between.

Deploy over API to Contember Cloud Coming soon

Contember is easy enough to self-host however we don't think you should worry about sysops problems. Contember Cloud will be the easiest way to host your apps. It's in private beta now.

Support available

Our team is here for you if you need anything. We'll walk you through your first project and will be quickly available if you need anything later on.

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