We've got everything you need to welcome your first users tomorrow. Contember platform has 2 parts: the Engine and the Admin.


Rapidly build your data model with TypeScript and instantly turns it into a GraphQL API.


Define your own management UI with high-level React.js components and it automatically connects via GraphQL API.

Move fast with low-code

Thanks to minimal custom code approach, developers have full control and still only write a few lines of code. Plus, Contember automatically generates documentation so new developers can easily understand how the app is structured and where they need to change things.

Customer profile user interface

Fast and scalable

Deploy to production with a single command. Contember takes care of your project's availability and scalability, including automatic security patches and backups with our managed hosting. Contember Cloud is fully hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Power for every role

Use as many roles as you want and restrict access to data for each role however you need. Authenticate users using built-in authentication or OAuth providers.

User roles

Your data, connected

However you need to structure and connect your data, Contember makes it easy. You get the GraphQL API immediately, so integration with any other application is no problem. In the background, Contember stores data in a PostgreSQL database, the world's most trusted open-source relational database.


Engine features

Build your data model with TypeScript and Engine instantly turns it into a GraphQL API.
Authorization and authentication
Built-in user and permissions management we call Tenant API. Invite your users right away.
Well structured PostgreSQL database
Contember uses PostgreSQL as its database. PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development.
OAuth support
Schema migrations
Update your schema, generate migration and deploy on multiple environments.
SQL views
You can define SQL views in your schema. Views are kind of virtual tables.
Role-based access control
An easy way to define access rules for your data by saying which role can access which field. Using this you can create complex rules across entity relationships on a cell level.
Optional nullability
Input validations
Input validations are is a way to add more constraints to a field.
Compound unique fields
Event log and history
Every operation changing the content is logged in an event log.
Disable migrations
You can disable migrations to certain entities and use Contember to connect to an existing PostgreSQL database managed by different system.
API tokens
Generate documentation
Contember generates documentation for your model and ACL for you. You or new colleagues can use it to quickly understand how your app works.

Admin features

Contember Admin fully handles data binding between your React components and GraphQL. That means that you don't need to worry about data fetching, updating or saving.
Component model
Multi-language and multi-dimension support
All upload fields automatically upload files to S3 and save url to given field.
Data grid
The data grid in Contember is simply a table. It allows you to display data from different entities, link to them and freely modify the data display in the cell. The data grid automatically creates filters (by data type) and paginate over each column for larger numbers of records.
Media gallery
React.js and TypeScript
Contember Admin uses React.js and TypeScript to build a any UI you want. Define your own management UI with high-level React components.
Easily add real-time collaboration into administration.
Form fields
All the fields you need to manage your content. With smart features like lazy loading.
Query language
It is a syntax to query the data in data binding. Use it in your own components.
Rich text editing
Custom components
Build any component you want with React.js. No limits.
Admin server
WYSIWYG content editor with custom blocks
Beautiful WYSIWYG editor to create and edit content. You can define custom blocks to work with any content and data you want.