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Custom-tailored reservation system
Dedicated to making city delivery services faster and more accessible, Cargio is a Czech service which rents cargo bikes to delivery companiesCargio needed a flexible and easily manageable reservation and database system. With Contember, we helped them build it in a few days.

Repair bikes as soon as possible

Renting cargo bikes is the core of Cargio's business. However, taking care of the bikes and making all the necessary repairs is why many customers choose its service. The Cargio team needed to avoid situations where customers waited for days before their damaged bike was repaired or replaced. Such cases were often caused by ineffective communication through emails and phone calls.

Cargio decided to give their customers an easy way to book the exact time and place for their bike to be repaired. Therefore, they needed a custom reservation system designed to collect data on ordered repairs, keep schedules of Cargio servicemen and track repair tickets from customers. Being still a small company, they needed to keep the development cost of the new system relatively low. Contember was the way to go.

Cargio portal

Build an entire reservation system in two days? Sure.

After the initial consultation with Cargio, we suggested an application that would keep track of all of Cargio's clients' requirements. Like description of the problem, photo and they preferred time slot for repair. No more emails or phone calls needed.

Thanks to the Contember platform, building a new reservation app was a matter of two days. This time our team did the work. But any programmer who knows basic React and TypeScript could do that.

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"For our clients it is crucial to get any issue solved as fast as possible. We have not found any finished product that meets our requirements. The custom reservation system by Contember was a surprisingly fast and easy solution. "

- Lubomír Fridrich, founder of Cargio

Adapt your system, learn from your data

The hero of our story — the Cargio startup — now uses Contember to make its business and services faster and more effective. Not only thanks to their custom-made system but thanks to all the data they will gather in time. Once they collect enough repair tickets in the system, theyll be able to figure out the most common problems and fix them before they even happen. It'll make their service even better. We're happy we're a small part of the story.

As Cargio is now in full control of its system, it can easily add new features. For example, it could easily add a new expedited repair service. And as our Contember platform is open source and its data are stored using PostgreSQL, the most trusted open-source relational database, Cargio knows it does not depend on anyone when it comes to data.

Screenshots of Cargio reservation system

As in the case of Cargio, any business can have a tailor-made data management system in a few days with Contember.

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